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Entries from 2015-01-01 to 1 year

Aquamarine Inawashiro Kingfisheres Aquarium

Aprl 25th this year , Aquamarine Inawashiro Kingfisheres Aquarium was reopened. The facility has just started the otters' exhibit ! 4-months-old pups and their mum (named"Tirol") were playin' , I could see the moments.

Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa

Here's a new article reporting "Epson Aqua Park Shinagawa" ! The facility was renovated and reopened July 2015.

Yokohama "Zoorasia" - African Savannah

"Zoorasia" expanded their exhibit areas named "African savannah". (Photos were taken in July 2015)

Sagamigawa Fureai Aquarium - "Aquarium Sagamihara"

Here's a new entry about Sagamigawa "Aquarium Sagamihara" (Kanagawa Pref.) !! It isn't so large facility, but there's many elaborate exhibits about Sagami River.

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens - Learn to Swim

約2年ぶりの東山動植物園。 Here's new post! Two otter babies were born last month.


I went to a seminar on designing.

Fuji Safari Park - ほんとにほんとに

Here's a new post about Fuji Safari Park ( Shizuoka Pref. ) I visited there to see swimming elephants, but unfortunately I could't see it.

Chikozan Zoo

Chikozan Zoo (Sayama city, Saitama pref.) has started an ASCO's exhibit recently. So I went there and watched her last holiday.

Futami Sea Paradise - Tiny Twins

I went to a small aquarium, Futami Sea Paradise, in Mie prefecture. Gladly, the clawless-otter babies were born in March 17th, here at Futami.

Hamura zoo - Serval kittens

Here's a new article described Hamura zoo ( Hamura city, Tokyo ) . This is the first time I visited there.

Sumida Aquarium

I visited Sumida Aquarium (Sumida-ku, Tokyo) which is at foot of TOKYO SKY TREE. The facility has one of the largest indoor, open pool-type tanks in Japan, exhibits of penguins.

Tokyo Tower Aquarium

I visited "Tokyo Tower Aquarium". There're no mammals, but we can see 50,000 fishes here.

Saitama Children's Zoo - Giraffe Calf

I visited to Children's zoo (Saitama prefecture) to see a giraffe calf named "Maru".

Kofu City Yuki Park Zoo

I visited Kofu City Yuki Park Zoo, Yamanashi pref.

International Otter Awareness Day 2015

It's the day we've waited for!! Today, May 27th, is "International Otter Awareness Day". I'll tell you two topics in this article.

Ichikawa zoo&botanical garden

I visited Ichikawa zoo few days ago. This is a report of its animals.

Marinpia Matsushima Aq. - Farewell and Born Again

This is a report of Marinepia Matsushima aquarium that will come to closed at May 10th , 2015. The aquarium has injured by TSUNAMI , so it is going to renewal .

Shin-Yashima Aquarium

I visited "Shin-Yashima Aquarium" in Kagawa Prefecture. This Aq. will be closed. Here's a report.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise - Aqua museum + Dolphin Fantasy + UMI FARM

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise has 4 exhibition area, Aqua museum, Dolphin Fantasy, UMI FARM and Fureai Lagoon. This is a report of Aqua museum, Dolphin Fantasy and UMI FARM.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise - Fureai Lagoon

八景島シーパラダイス ふれあいラグーンのコツメカワウソたちに会いに行ってきました。 I visited to "Hakkeijima Sea Paradaise" to see ASCO brothers.

2015_02_21 River Safari ~ Giant River Otter (2)

Here's another report of Giant river otter at River Safari. Now it's the time to have dinner !

2015_02_21 River Safari ~ Giant River Otter (1)

Here's a report with many giant river otters' photos.

2015_02_21 River Safari ~ River Cruise & Amazon River Quest

I visited also River Safari to meet them.

2015_02_20 Night Safari

Here's a report of Night Safari. ASCOs sort the garbages on "Creatures of the Night Show".

2015_02_20 Singapore Zoo

I visited Singapore and enjoyed watching otters. Here's a report of Singapore Zoo.

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