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Entries from 2019-01-01 to 1 year

Urban Wild Otters -1

There're wild otters in Singapore, I heard. So I took off work to go on a vacation to spot smooth-coated otters.

Enosui - Kashiwa, Omochi and Sakura

A journal with photos taken on May 2019.

Asa zoo

Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima city Asa zoo Eurasian Otter (lutra l. chinensis)

Miyajima Public Aquarium - MiyajiMarine

Miyajima is one of the "Three famous sights of Japan". Miyajima Public Aquarium has porpoises, Penguins and otters!

Tokiwa zoo

Tokiwa zoo (Yamaguchi pref.) reopened in 2016. There're many kind of monkeys at the zoo;De Brazza's Monkey , Brown Capuchin, Patas Monkey.

Kobe Oji Zoo

Kobe Oji Zoo has elephants, a panda, Koalas, of course it also has otters!

SCZ - やんちゃがわらわら


Suma aqualife park KOBE - Happy 20th Birthday, Asuka!

Suma aqualife park is a munitipal aquarium of Kobe city. Asuka the otter will turn to 20yo in Feb 3rd, 2019.

Aquamarine Fukushima

Kawauso-no-fuchi, an exhibit of Eurasian otters, won the enrichment award in 2018. This exhibit tells people how great the wildilfe is. On that point, their work was highly recognized.

Ise Sea Paradise

半年近く前の伊勢シー。 なんせ撮ってから時間がたっていますので ゆるりくんは高知にお婿に行きました。元気にしてるかな… 訪問時はカワウソゥ選挙第一回のトロフィが飾られていて、これから二回目が開催されるので池袋に返還する、という頃。 第一回王者の…

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