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Asa zoo

Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima city Asa zoo Eurasian Otter (lutra l. chinensis)

Kobe Oji Zoo

Kobe Oji Zoo has elephants, a panda, Koalas, of course it also has otters!

Morioka Zoo - Otterly Snowy Day

2月の冬期開園、5年来の願いがかなってやっとこさ雪盛岡である。 しっかり積もった盛岡、翌日は猛吹雪で新幹線も運休(?)になったりで大変だったそうな。 雪舞う盛岡、窓辺のカエデは何を待つ? 「我らのアイドル」なので四方八方をギャラリーが取り囲み…

Obihiro Zoo ひとりぼっちメープル

I went to Obihiro Zoo (Hokkaido Pref.) for the first time in two years. Things change.

Seoul Zoo 서울동물원

This article is described about Seoul Zoo.

Chiba Zoological Park - Transitional Stage

Chiba Zoological Park (Chiba Pref) is now in a transitional stage. In order to break problems, they formulated a basic policy.

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens - Learn to Swim

約2年ぶりの東山動植物園。 Here's new post! Two otter babies were born last month.

Kofu City Yuki Park Zoo

I visited Kofu City Yuki Park Zoo, Yamanashi pref.

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