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2015_02_21 River Safari ~ River Cruise & Amazon River Quest

I visited also River Safari to meet them.

2015_02_21 River Safari ~ Giant River Otter (1)

Here's a report with many giant river otters' photos.

2015_02_21 River Safari ~ Giant River Otter (2)

Here's another report of Giant river otter at River Safari. Now it's the time to have dinner !

2015_02_20 Night Safari

Here's a report of Night Safari. ASCOs sort the garbages on "Creatures of the Night Show".

2015_02_20 Singapore Zoo

I visited Singapore and enjoyed watching otters. Here's a report of Singapore Zoo.

2014_09_08 臺北市立動物園 Taipei Zoo

I visited to Taipei Zoo (Taipei City, Taiwan) in September 2014.This is a (private) note of Otters in Taipei Zoo.

2014_05_03 Chiba Zoological Park

Chiba zoological park held an event on May 3 , 2014. Attendees were able to watch ASCOs' holding area.

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