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Sea Otter

Google Trendsでみるカワウソ人気の変遷

Google Trends(グーグル社が提供しているツール)を使って、すこしだけ遊んでみました。できることに限界はありましたが、カワウソ人気についてすこし面白い結果が見えてきました。



Hokkaido - Wild sea otters

I boarded the plane goes to Hokkaido prefecture to spotting wild sea otter.

Suma aqualife park KOBE - Happy 20th Birthday, Asuka!

Suma aqualife park is a munitipal aquarium of Kobe city. Asuka the otter will turn to 20yo in Feb 3rd, 2019.

Aquaworld Oarai

AquaWorld Oarai (Ibaraki Prefecture Oarai Aquarium) has most species of sharks and largest sunfish tank in Japan.

Toba Aquarium

Toba aquarium is located at Ise-Shima district, Mie prefecture. There're just 2 place you can see the dugongs except wild in the world; sydney and here.

Adventure World


Mito Sea Paradise

Mito Sea Paradise , the 2nd oldest aquarium in Japan , is located in Izu Peninsula. In 1982 they started sea otters' exhibit, and succeed breeding them 2 years later . (Both were the very first time in Japan!)

Marine World Umino-Nakamichi

About three months ago, I visited to Marine World Umino-Nakamichi (Fukuoka prefecture , Japan) to watch sea otters. The numbers of Sea otter has decreased here in Japan. As of today there're 13 otters in Japan aquariums. What can we do for…

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