A to Z - aquariums and zoos -

I visit Aquariums and Zoos to make them important places for me.

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Osaka Pref.


"Kaiyukan" is one of the most biggest aquarium in Japan, and is located in Osaka prefecture. They helds puffins, seals, penguins, capibara, dolphins, sharks, turtles ...and ASCOs!

NIFREL - 世代交代


Tennoji Zoo


Hirakata Park

兄弟カワウソ-ササノスケとタスケ 経営母体が違うという大人の事情はあれど、2頭の幸せを祈るばかりです。


NIFREL, a new facility produced by KAIYUKAN, is not like an aquarium or a zoo but allowing visitors to intuitively experience the beauty and wonder of living creatures. Ofcourse otters are on exhibition.

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